Ghosting dsync going to be resolved and when

So not going to draw anything out with a long story but 10 of us just got shot down by a guy ghosting with a shotgun in the middle of the road. One by one we dropped as a guy near by in a shed shot with a shotgun and killed all 10 of us with out us even seeing him. I could understand there MAYBE being a mistake on our end if it was an M4 or something like that but everyone after getting killed saw this There was NO ONE around us when we were dropping and all we heard was the sound of a shotgun off in the very distance each time one of us dropped. We went to the shed to break it down and see what would happen the minute we started beating on it from INSIDE the shed this guy shot and each time he did one of us would die all of us getting the same message that this guy with the Asian characters killed you with a shotgun.

For those that do not understand how ghosting works here is a little video of it:

So I do not post this to get someone banned or try to say OMG hacks but more to say WTF facepunch studios… this is a problem that has been reported many times months ago in the past and is still only listed as “priority” on the trello but nothing is being done about it. I understand you have other things you are working on and I know this is still a game in development but as more and more people are doing this as of late and more and more people are leaving DUE to it you are losing people to HELP test the development of this game. Not to mention the fact that it will put a bad taste in peoples mouth for the game and its their mouth that spreads the word of the game to others. As much as I and my other friends love this game we are done till this ghosting problem gets resolved cause its starting to get out of hand.

Please fix ASAP its a problem and its ruining game play.

Yup. Same thing happened to me the other day. Enough people seem to be able to replicate it I don’t understand why this problem can’t be addressed already and fixed. Seems to have been around for quite some time as well looking at the dated videos. Only thing to do is praise Allah for now.

My brother recently was banned when we where attacked by a server admin. Unfortunately the person raiding our base was the admin, we rushed said admin and my brother was apparently in the desync/ghost mode which we didn’t notice until we shot at him. Sure enough he was banned… I believe the issue has to do with WinXP users because I have no problem with win7 or win8. But I am not a game developer, I just don’t want him to be accused as a hacker, and have the flame fest that went down on the server I was on. (Now, I have rented my own server and will warn desyncers before I ban them for the exploit)

I’m using Win7 and have the exact problem.

So after read a lot about this issue it seems that the problem is on the user end (my end) so i decided to try some stuff…

Turned off:

  • Auto Hotkey
  • Turbo V (overclock software)
  • EPU-6 (power saver software)

Updated nVidia Video card driver

Windows update for nVidia something…

logged out of Steam chat etc (didnt launch rust through steam but instead directly from the task bar)

The issue isnt fixed entirely… I seem to desync less often and the sometimes will catch up again which tp me back to where I was when i desync’d. Or this is just extreme packet loss…?

edit: Don’t think the packet loss was just me… everyone was complaining about lag today

possibly fixed the problem for me just need to find a server with no lag…