Ghosting Fade System - A solution to dormant ghosts!

[release]Ghosting Fade System


Fades out all ghosts after time, to prevent dormant ghosts from collecting. Change the fade delay time with “gmod_ghost_fadetime <seconds>”.

Now normally I like to have a video and descriptive screen shots for my releases, but this is just something I need to throw out there for you guys, rather than have it bulk up among my documents.

This is a simple, yet useful system which eliminates the side-effect of dormant ghosts, which usually hang around the map origin if not properly removed.

If you move around, your ghosts are visible. If you stay still, after 10 seconds, or whatever you set “gmod_ghost_fadetime” to in seconds, the ghosts will fade away and no longer become an eyesore.

This started out as a simple ghost remover that eliminated ghosts near the origin, however, sometimes the ghosts are positioned exactly at 0, 0, 0. As a result, this addon came about, and coincidentally, serves as a nice aesthetic feature to extend on to your Tool Gun.

Enjoy. And rate me a tool. (Teehee.)

This annoys me greatly when ghosts get stuck with certain tools. Thanks.

Rate me dumb an’ all but what is a gmod ghost? (Don’t say “A wierd thing that comes out in the dark and children are scared of them”)

The semi-transparent props some tools have, such as thrusters, easy weld, etc.

this is brilliant

Wow. I believe Advanced Duplicator wrote this into their own tool last year some time (at least I discussed it as an idea with the author)
It didn’t even occur to me and I didn’t notice that it affects most other tools too.

Great job!

Just updated the code and it’s structure. The system is now shared, rather than server-side, taking care of all problems.