'Ghostly brawl' Ghost owning some shadow ops scum awesome style

Also posted this in h2h competition.
(FYI I’m lazy so this is copied from the post in there)

Music of science! :science:

(Its required really,)

Edit: Dammit its so smaaaal :eng99: Stupid media tags and upload limit.

Commentz and stuff please (And resource pose is delayed to tomorrow, still 16 ragdolls and stuff)

And none of them were smart enough to shoot him?

Lol nice, makes me want to watch the matrix again :v:

I smell dupes :v:
Pretty badass picture.

How come some of the XM8s are blue?

^The contrast/color I guess.

I like the posing and the angle but the colors are kinda ugly.

How to make greasing in gmod?

Well, this is one of my dumb moments, I had 3 different colors of XM8s and they looked the same in spawnicons.
I used black ones first to prevent colour fuckups during editing, but in my own dumbness I started using blue ones halfway :Dawkins102: I only noticed during editing because as predicted the blue grew way to strong. :eng99:


Well, you have a point there mate, I ended up posing 5 different running poses and duplicated a few to fill up space and save some time. But because of my eager to crop everything I cropped out most of their heads making them look even more duplicated.

Thanks for the comments all, allthough this one was kinda dissapointing I guess. But I have loads of time this week/ upcoming break and will try to make awesome stuff again :buddy:

Damn i was hoping it would be a real ghost beating special ops.