GhostRecon skins. Edit these 4 pictures =D

Edit these for me. Please =)

In the first two I was just testing the new minigun model.

Could use some shells flying.




Testing the XM8 skin. I tried to get it to look close to what it looked like in GR.


You don’t have to edit them if you don’t want to, but you could atleast tell me what you think of them =]

damn nice skins, poses, and the xm8 >:D btw is it me or are all of them black :open_mouth:

It’s just their facepaint =)

Good posing, allthought on the last picture, their goggles mirror blue light. Is it supposed to be like that, in that envoriment?

And nice use of my Minigun :3

It’s just because of something I haven’t changed in one of the ‘.vmt’ files yet. It can easily be edited out.
Hopefully someone wants to edit these =)

It could also use a real muzzle flash. Really good posing makes up for it.

I know. But these aren’t edited yet :wink:

Good skins, great posing. Yeah, it’d be good if someone could edit that for ya’!

It’d be cool to if you posted these in the Official Edit thread.

They look like they actually have decent flex ranges… :haw:

well it’s nowhere near the best edit i’ve done i haven’t even put my best edits on facepunch xD but i had a go i couldn’t do the shells because i was afraid i’d ruin it + i didn’t know where to put them. oh yeah and i liked the skins aswell

I love the posing, but on a minigun the light bulb thats you put there to be a muzzle flash (i think) is at the bottom… should be at the top.

I’d imagine he put it there for the illumination, rather than as a full-blown flash

I made 3 edits of one of your screenshots to pick the one you like.
I personally like the 1st one.[/media]

I tought the bright thing is an explosion.

Good edits so far. Hope to se some more =)

I think I’ll do that actually.

If you ment how they bend their knees and elbows, then yes. It looks good even close up. I’m not the one who rigged them tho.

Yeah, it’s there just to get some lightning. But I wasn’t sure if I should put it on the top barrel or the bottom one. My bad, Now I know for the next time =/

They have a forum, but I’ll edit one

Holy Shit, damn good skin

Alright all I have left is the bullets and I’ll be done


Alright, Here it is

Sorry about the white line, and the muzzle flash on M16A2 being red, i changed the Hue n stuff


That’s an M16A2 :psyduck: