GhostRun (A horror gamemode)

Intro on my GhostRun project / Small gameplay - V0.3.2 / V.3.3

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Hi all. This project began as a map but as I kept on rewriting all the map logic in LUA (Because hammer was too limited), it grew to a gamemode.
It’s still in it’s early stages. But I hope to recieve alot of suggestions :).

In this gamemode, you have to survive by running away from ghosts or by killing them, and to complete objectives. I know this sounds vague, just watch my
concept videos where I show the current features and you’ll get an idea of what this gamemode is all about :).

Features so far

  • A ghost that fulfills random duties at the moment (will try to sabotage you in the future). If you get to close the ghost will hunt you down.
  • A ghost detector that gives the distance from the ghost detector to the ghost in 3 lights.
  • A flashlight that kills the ghost.
  • Batteries to charge up the flashlight.
  • Ghost is invisible by default. You can make the ghost visible if the ghost is in the orange light range, this will cost 10 times more battery per ghost!
  • The ghost is randomly spawned across a the map by the use of special ‘node’ entities that I created. These nodes will be used to create random paths/tasks for the ghost.
  • There can be multiple ghosts, this can be set by a variable.
  • If a ghost kills you, a new ghost will spawn the position where you got killed. This ghost will spawn, even when the limit of max ghosts has been reached.
  • Ghost detector and flashlight power in a custom unfinished and unpolished HUD.
  • External ghost detector with 3D hud. You have to charge it with your own battery power!
  • A hiding place, you can now hide from ghosts! They will try to find you though…

BETA Gameplay videos

Update Videos

Quick inDev Ideas

Every player has a ghost-detector and a flash light.

**1 Light means that the ghost is nearby
2 Lights means that the ghost is close
3 Lights means that the ghost has spotted you it will chase you untill it killed someone.

The ghost-detector only works if you have your flahlight turned on.
It will consume a little power.

If you have your flashlight turned on, you can press the use-key to show all
the ghosts that are within the ‘orange (2nd) light range’. This will discharge your
battery 10 times faster than usual, per ghost.

You can pickup batteries to charge up your battery, each battery charges at a max of 50%
per battery.

You can also kill the ghost, you can do this by shining on it with your flashlight.
The ghost has to be in the ‘red (3nd) light range’ to kill it. It costs 25% of battery
to kill a ghost. If you haven’t got enough battery power, than you won’t be able to
kill the ghost.

If a ghost dies, it will randomly respawn at one of the special ‘ghost nodes’ that a
script spreads across the map, per map. It is also possible to have more than one ghost
by default. Te script will spawn the number of ghosts randomly across the ‘ghost nodes’,
that the variable is set to. The default limit is 1.

If a ghost kills a player, it will respawn a ghost at the location where the player died.
If the ghost limit has been reached, the ghost will still be spawned. But if the ghost dies,
a new ghost will only spawn when the ghost count is below the limit.

I personally love this kind of horror, and I hope there are other people that like this kind of horror too! :)**

This seems interesting. Its a cool idea.
But damn, that big orange font, haha.

Nice idea. Reminds me of Luigi’s Mansion gamemode on Nintendo Land.

I changed it to normal text now :wink:

Sounds neat, wasn’t there a mod like this on Arma 3?

I’v got a question. Is there any way to win?

Thx :). I’ll do my best to make this gamemode scary as hell! I don’t own that game so I am not aware of such gamemode.

Nice job, this could be entertaining.

The concept is still barebone atm. The gamemode can already be implemented in a map wich has its own ‘mission’ built in, by spawning ‘ghost nodes’ (a special entity I made), to implement this gamemode. You can kill the ghosts, but this is only a temporary solution.

But this gamemode will have a way to win. I will make special entities, that will let the player progress further. For example, maybe a mission to actually catch the ghost eventually by activating certain generators and luring the ghost to a spot.

So there will be a dynamic way to create missions for existing maps, as well for implement it within the map with specialized entities.

GhostRun Quick inDev AA - Friendly ghosts, should I use this in my gamemode?

Friendly Ghosts

  • Only move when a player is within the orange light distance from the ghost.
  • Is only visible if the friendly ghost is in the orange light range (Just like the evil ghosts), but unlike evil ghosts, these ghosts show them selves and don’t discharge battery power.
  • If they are in groups, they all converge at one point every now and then.
  • If the player is within the orange range from the friendly ghost, it will try to kill any evil ghost if the ghost is also within the orange range.

It might be a bit overpowered, maybe if I let all those ghosts become evil at some point?

a few things to nerf them a bit -

  1. very few at a time
  2. can turn evil
  3. can be killed by evil ghosts
  4. respawn time longer
  5. weaker than evil ghosts (in a 1v1 so to speak, evil ghost would win)

Thanks for your input.
On your 5th suggestion. Do you mean that multiple friendly ghosts have to sarciface them selves
in order to kill the evil ghost?

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When should they turn evil? And why?

  1. yeah
  2. that’s up to you, i think the more evil ghosts a good ghost is near/subjected to, the higher chance of it turning evil

Ah, sounds balancing. You run the risk of being surounded by evil ghosts.

What is your opinion about portable ghost detectors? An object you put down, and shows a signal on your screen when a ghost is close to the object.

Have you got some other awesome ideas? Just brainstorming over here :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the portable ghost detector idea would be great, like you put down a “node”, and ghosts withing a certain proximity are shown, and it’s “charge” dies after a certain amount of time (say like, 5 minutes). You also have the ability to re pick it up and move it, as well as sacrifice some of your own charge to recharge it.

Yeah, like rly show the ghosts, make the visible.
But should I show something on the hud of the player, or just make it beep or something in the real world?

beep in the real world would be great imo

Is this a closed source gamemode (meaning only you can run the server), or will you be releasing the files so anyone can run a server for it?

I ask this because i would be interested in hosting a server.

I’m going to release this when it’s done.

I’ve build the base, it has working lights just like the HUD detector.
Furthermore it beeps in the real world and has a battery bar.
It has a 3D HUD with the lights and the bar.

I only have to make a new system to regulate the battery for each player,
so players can actually give the machine battery.
And I gotta make it drain faster and make it show ghosts when the ghosts are in the
orange light range. It will work exactly the same way as the detector each player has.

Any more suggestions?