GhostRusters Full PVP, Fair and Friendly

Press F1 when you are in the main menu to get up the console then type : net.connect

We are a new community to rust called GhostRusters
We have many admins to help people in the server and we are hoping in the future that we can expand our community and we
hope that you enjoy your stay, ask if you need help and just have fun!
We also have a website and a Teamspeak 3 server what you and your friends can use (Links Below)

Teamspeak :
Website :

Server Features:

-Anticheat (facepunch´s own cheatpunch activated & Vac check)
-No Wipes in the next months
-Noob Friendly
-No Lag
-Active & helpful Admins (3 Admins atm)
--no Abuse
--no Cheating (insta ban)
--No Admin Trolling 

I hope to see you there real soon, it will be a pleasure for us all :-)

How many hours ago the server has started/got wiped?

The server has been up for a month and we have not wiped yet, we also do not plan to wipe unless we are forced to due to performance or some other reason that forces us to wipe the server!

In short we are not fans of servers that get wiped every five minutes like a lot of community servers seem to be. We are committed to making this the best place to play rust!

I can vouch for this server, its a not full on in your face and the server hasn’t been wiped in the 4-5 weeks i’ve been playing on it. Its friendly and performance is good, not seen any noticeable lag on it.

Thanks Nexus always great to get good reviews from our members :dance:

I do feel the need to BUMP this thread.

However rather than just a bump ill tell you about the attempted raid on my base overnight. Ill go into great detail. Tell you everything.

They blew 1 of my many metal doors and replaced it with a Wooden door, The End! Epic attempt to get into the base.

I survived this time, Will you?

Come and join us using the above details, You WILL NOT regret it.

Another great recommendation thanks dazpo!

Great server lots of friendly people and a few that are definitely not ,which makes it very interesting and exciting place to play

yes Bayman! was a good fight we was in earlier, we manged to fight off them guys :smiley:

Only cost me my favourite M4 and some ammo ,thanks for the help you realy owned them

haha was a close one, 3 of them chasing us down im glad i managed to get a couple of them to get ya stuff back :slight_smile:

Looks like we have a rebel group, Lets fight! We always survive, you certainly wont…

A bog standard BUMP, no storey to it, just a bump, i wont go on about this one. Just felt it needed a BUMP up the rankings.

So here goes, BUMP!

The War has begun, The battleground set. Ghostrusters is coming alive! Survival is essential but not assured. Are you strong to survive? Only one way to find out…Lets go to WARRRRRRRRR


bump :smiley:

great game tonight ,raiding,epic gun fight during a seige of our base lasting several in game days. This is how rust should be played

Alls quiet in the Ghostrusters server, who knows where we are hiding, when will we attack? When do we get our revenge! You raided us, you survived this time, WE WILL get our revenge, WE WILL regain superiority!

They won the battle, the war is ongoing.

Will you be good enough? Are you Strong enough to survive?

Survival is getting harder, the opposition stronger, we are under siege, constant attacks. Day and night, we must regroup, we must prepare for the battle to end all battles, we must survi…

There here, come and join them

The servers quiet, ideal time to build up ready to go to war!