GhostRusters New server PvP/AirDrops/Sleepers/Event/Fasrcraft

[EU/FR] GhostRusters ++ - PvP/AirDrops/Sleepers/Event/CraftTime25%

To connect : net.connect

Website :

Server using Rust ++ Mod

Come and play on a new EU 100 slots server created on january the 22th :
-Starter kit
-Door sharing (for now we disabled the Rust++ door sharing system since rust added the password function, we will se if we enable it again later)
-Friend list
-Private messages

Our goal as admins is to create a small community in order to organise events, we hope to see some teams joining the server. Here is some examples of events we planned :
-Small Vertical Arena for PVP events
-Big Horizontal Arena for PVP events
-FFA Arena
-CTF Arena
-Team Arena
-Thief Tournament
-AirDrop rush event

Admins are active and you can contact them easily each night in game

PvP server, just try not to kill freshspawns :smiley:
Cheaters will be banned
Admins will never abuse of their power

Hope to see you soon on our server!