Ghosts n' Ghouls! Again! For real this time! Now with more Fretta!

Ghosts n’ Ghouls: A multiplayer experience for Garry’s Mod and HL2

or, by the alternate (and to the developers, preferred) title,


**Ghost n' Steampunk Motherfucking Ghouls:** *Redux Again Awesome Version 2.Over 9000:* Now with more Motherfucking, motherfuckers, and Steampunk!



Very Massive; Won’t Bother?
Top vs Bottom CTF Gameplay: Ghosts vs Humans!
Four unique classes with equally unique abilities!
Original health and damage systems for both teams!
Steampunk AND Lovecraft motif!
Custom faceposer reactions and humorous dialogue a la TF2!
Will become a fullblown mod!

More updates later tonight!

What is Ghosts n’ Ghouls?

Ghost n’ Ghouls is a steampunk-Lovecraftian horror multiplayer gamemode that can be best described as capture the flag, but with a twist. It pitches two teams against each other in an epic, lopsided, and hilarious battle for supremacy – the Spectres and the Meddlers. The goal of the Meddlers is to find the Necronomicon, otherwise known as the Book of the Dead, and use it to banish the Spectres from the mortal realm. The goal of the Spectres is to prevent this from happening.

Oh, I get it, Meddlers, haha. Can you explain who they are?

I know, clever, ain’t it? The Meddlers are a team composed of mere mortals, like you and me. They’re the wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time, and know it. Meddlers are equipped with little more than some guns (the Winchester Rifle, the Webley Revolver, and the Thompson Sub-Machinegun to be precise), and some guts. And we’re not entirely sure about the guts.

Instead of the regular HL2 health system, Meddlers instead now have a pulse. The pulse is how fast a Meddler’s heart is beating, and if it gets too high, the Meddler has a heart attack and dies. The end, buhbye: Meddlers, instead of becoming ghosts, do NOT respawn. The rationale behind this is that ghosts are simply souls not at rest, and the Meddlers do not want to inflict the same pain upon their friends like what was done to them.

A Meddler’s pulse increases when he or she gets scared, and Meddler’s can get scared from all sorts of nasty things, such as being in the dark, sudden bumps, mangled corpses, and, of course, a good ol’ BOO! The pulse goes down just by having some peace and quiet, playing some soothing music, and so on. The Meddler usually needs to put his or herself in danger in order to get anywhere, so managing pulse is a deep part of gameplay.

Lastly, Meddlers will say random bits of dialogue every once in a while, actually using faceposer. This should add to the humor of the game and make it an even more fun experience!

What about Spectres? What makes them special?

Spectres are the unrested souls of the dead. When someone dies, if they figure they have unfinished business, they stick around and haunt a specific area (usually the place most familiar to them), making the mortals of the world suffer.

Gameplay wise, this translates into the Spectre team having four seperate classes: Ghasts, Ghosts, Gremlins, and Ghouls. Each class has its own specialty, with Ghasts being a cheap, annoying scouter, Ghosts being a stealthy, sophisticated and tactical class, Gremlins being a support beasty, and Ghouls being the tank. Ghasts and Ghosts are incorporeal, meaning they cannot be hurt by bullets (with one exception) but are hurt by light, and have degrees of invisibility and phasing, and Gremlins and Ghouls are corporeal, meaning that bullets can kill them but light doesn’t have any effect, as well as being completely solid. Each class also costs a certain amount of presence.

Much like the alien resource in Natural Selection, presence is shared amongst the Spectre team. In order to balance the usage of classes as well to give the Meddlers an easier early time finding the Necronomicon, every time a Spectre player spawns, a certain amount of presence is subtracted from the overall pool depending on what they spawned as. The Ghast, being the “weakest” class, costs the least, while Gremlins cost a middle amount. Ghosts a little more than that, and Ghouls cost the most (Ghouls get rid of almost all presence). The pool regenerates over time, and regenerates even faster if the Necronomicon is found. Good teams work together on managing their presence, so they can spawn the right classes at the right time according to need.

Lastly, instead of health, all Spectres have varying amounts of Ectoplasm. Ectoplasm doubles as both a regenerating health and mana bar, meaning that if an unwisely used scare can leave you severly vulnerable. Scares are abilities a Spectre can use, which include saying BOO!, oooOOOoooh…, making lights turn on and off, pick up bloody corpses and hang them on walls, or barf all over the floor. And, while the Meddlers appear to be outdone, they can still do things to hurt Spectres. Incorporeal classes, while only pushed back by bullets (unless they are silver), have their abilities cost more in the light than in the dark. And while corporeal classes can do whatever they want in the mortal realm without consequence, shooting them does drain a severe amount of ectoplasm, albeit without knockback.

When a Spectre’s ectoplasm reaches zero, they disappear, and have to wait a few seconds to respawn, as described above.

The Necronomi–wah?

Watch this:

The Necronomicon, taken from Lovecraftian Mythos, is the book which GGG surrounds. It spawns on a random place on the map (as designated by the mapper), and is an object of great power and mystery. Somehow, it anchors the Spectre’s manifestation in our realm – getting a hold of the book, and reading an incantation by holding down fire for 45 seconds. During this time, the Meddler chanting is incredibly vulnerable to scares. However, the 45 seconds is stackable, and Meddlers can throw the book to one another using the alternate fire key, so they can take turns reading if need be.

When the Necronomicon is in possession, the Spectre team’s presence regenerates more rapidly (this is to get a larger opportunity for players to play as the Ghoul). However, for the sake of balance, they might also take longer to respawn.

Why Steampunk?

Why not? It makes us different from other gamemodes out there, plus it gives us a lot of sexy opportunities. Although you won’t see much evidence of steampunk in the current gamemode, the final mod will feature locations, aesthetics, weapons, gadgets etc, all based around steampunk. Except, you know, with ghosts.

Wait, haven’t I seen you around before… twice? (

Yes. Buuut…

There are two things the other iterations of our beloved gamemode lacked. They are:

  1. Steampunk

  2. A Work Ethic

  3. Fretta (with Fretta out we have no real excuse)

But, we are back, and better than ever! Morale is at an all time high, due to various reasons I shan’t disclose! Our mapping skills have only improved since then, and like blades honed with constant sharpening our maps will now be cut out quickly and efficiently.

However, the biggest change is with our approach to our development this time around. Ilikehl2 and I love our baby too much – we just keep coming back to it. Like the ghosts in its namesake, Ghosts n’ Ghouls haunts us. So, we’ve decided to turn it into a FULL BLOWN MOD. This means that the gamemode will simply function as our sloppy prototype. You’ll lack the graphical content and some features we promised in the original: new player skins, new weapon models etc. However, you WILL get your gameplay faster. Also, while we’ll be working on our full blown mod in the background, many of our new ideas will be tested out in Garry’s Mod. That way, with something playable, we can not only get a fanbase going for our eventual release, but we’ll have much more fun too, and be motivated to implement more content! Everybody wins!

This sounds fun! When can I get my mitts on it?

We will have a repository on Google Code where you can get the latest iteration of our wonderful gamemode. Right now, the latest iteration is shit, so no dice. For future reference, however, our Google Code site is here:

Is there anything I can do to help?

If you want to do something other than give us feedback (although we appreciate every bit of it!), then we take anybody, everybody, anything, everything. Although, as far as teams go, ilikehl2 and myself are really the only “core” members, on our website we will have a complete checklist of scripts, assets, textures and more that we’re doing and getting done, open for the world to see. If something sparks your creative fancy, go for it! Even something as small as a texture, a particle effect, or a one-liner piece of voice acting – every bit (and byte) helps. Remember, if you think you can do better than us (which you probably can), then do better than us!

Lastly, any map made for this gamemode becomes a candidate for the full mod. If your map plays great, then come large release we’ll ask your permission to include it in the final thing! (note: the map may need to go through a visual makeover to make it more steampunky with the final iteration)

Since ilikehl2 and I have decided to start from scratch, all previous media and work you may have seen before is null and void. But that’s fine, since we’re back and better than ever before.

You make me sound so gay in this.
But meh, yeah we’re back again.

Your idea you know :v: but OK

It gunna be like Scooby Doo? Except with guts?

I love Steampunk :o

When will we see some gameplay?

Sooner than last time. We’re focusing less on flourish and more on gameplay now. We still need a semi-experienced Lua coder to handle some of the things I can’t – this includes the way I want Spectre respawns to work. But even that, I’m sure, isn’t too complex for someone who knows what they’re doing.

First iterations will be very skeletal, but we’re definitely going to chug along faster now.

I don’t know why, but i hate scooby-doo

fck yew!

No u

Do want.

Sounds Awesome!


Ph’nglui mglw’nafh C’thulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn, because I can.