"Ghosts of the Past..." Soldiers approaching something unusual



Awesome concept and posing.
Have a wood.

Very nice ghost effect. It really is.

Everything seems to be nice, the only problem is their broken wrists.

Ooh you re-made it! I’ll admit it’s much better like this, lovely work.

The other was utter shite, of course I re-made it! :buddy:

Kind of dark. Could use lightsource.

Apart from that, good work.

The second one is beautiful.

Have a wood paint thing :buddy:


Some props could be tossed about but it’s pretty good.

Ah, something new! I like the ghost effect.

That’s actually pretty powerful! Alas, have an artistic!

Thanks for the comments, guys! :buddy:


I always get some sort or trojan when I go to dropbox links.



“YOu are meaningless now. You are ghosts…”

Nicely done, keep it up!

zombie goasts leave this place

but this is our house