Ghosts of the Past

Why? Well, why not.

Faceposing looks too comical.


He doesn’t seem happy or frightened to see his dead friends.

Looks more like he’s remembering those who have died and has that face where you are happy and sad.

At first I thought they were ghosts of troll/mingebag soldiers. :v:

Yeah. That’s pretty much what I was going for.

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It’s supposed to be a foil to the other guy’s moodiness.

the face posing is alright for representing a moment of laughter or cheeriness, but the face models themselves(derived from citizens i presume) look like crap. as a general rule, never use citizen heads.


I had no control over the models though. They’re not mine.

Should have made it more…“ghost-like.” It just looks like you did the B&W filter and made the right guy still colored. If it was ghosts, at least add an aura over them.

I agree with you. I just forgot to take a screenshot without them in it.