Ghoul firing a pistol

First time making a serious pose and editing using photoshop. C&C.

he’s pissed

Most fucked up looking ghoul I have ever seen

My face burns with the fuglyness of his face! :byodood:

This thread is filled with racist smoothskins. Simple shot, but good.

What is his pistol supposed to be, a smokestack? The smoke is too dark and way too opaque. Posing is ok though.

They killed his baby.

Babies sticking their head into each others ass.

Oh, you mean like that movie The Human Centipede?

amg, I ported that ragdoll

Smoke looks a little like a giant wad of lint.

What’s wrong with the remains of his pants?

Hancock’s work?

Cool idea but the smoke looks really pasted on; its edges are very hard. Also, the isolation on the ghoul looks bad.

What is bad about the isolation? Trying to improve, also if it’s the sharp corners on the ghoul, it’s normal. The ghoul model is poorly made and has lots of sharp corner on it.

Fookin’ ghouls.

The background is blurred, but the edges of the ghoul are also blurred.

It’s from Fallout 3

Original idea. But he looks so sad. Could be a she. Hard to tell without a closer look. Who is volunteering?

that goul model is screwed up