Ghoul to SMD

Anybody know of a program that can convert the model files of Soldier of Fortune and turn them into SMDs? If not, any program that can open Ghoul model files?

Milkshape3D says it supports the Ghoul2 file format.

SOF 1 Ghoul file.

Doesn’t SoF use Ghoul2? Have you tried it yet?

Nope, it uses Ghoul, Not Ghoul2 and yes, ive tried it alot, didnt work.

Google is your friend.

Hey guess what, I used that exact tool and GUESS WHAT, it FAILED.

Of course, I searched on google, and I found SHIT! Why else would I post here?

Did you do it correctly? Because sometimes plugins have a unique step that you can easily miss if you just presume that it is installed like a normal one.

Well I put them in the plugin folder, that IS where they go, correct? Cause if they dont, ill feel really dumb.

I mean, whats unique about them?

Does the readme say to just put it in the plugin folder?

There isnt a readme

Maybe because they’re for Max 3?

I opened it up with wordpad and I changed “3DSMax3” to “3DSMax7”

No… That doesn’t work.


Damn, Bring on the dumb ratings…

EDIT!: Ive been able to rip with GLIntercept.

Even if can, you will need to rerig it.

Im trying to right now.