Ghouls are humans too

Silly ghouls

I can’t see the image :saddowns:

ZOMBIES! :flame:

“How’s it going smoothskin?”

Ghouls technically are humans.

Crazy flesh-eating clawing no skinned zombie humans!!

Get back to the under world you zombies!

meh, they are not humans, theyre mutated humans.

So grown up humans aren’t humans?
They’re still humans.

“Yo guys, has anyone seen my kidney? I’m sure it was on one of the beer packs!”

I like it, it haves a nice feel to it.

“Look, i am cookin’ my flesh on a stick”

Nice one anyways

Unless you guys played New Vegas (real, real slight spoiler), I do not get why that one human (he still has all his flesh covering him) thinks he is a ghoul and that glowing one let him join his gang.

For some reason the title of this screenshot was reminiscent of that. I am pretty sure this is not a glitch, but you have to encounter it for yourself. Otherwise in FO3, the glowing ones would just strike you if you did not have the mask.

That guy (Chris) describes why he thinks that he is a ghoul. That’s related to vault 34. I won’t spoil huh

Feral ghouls are ghouls that have gone insane from the ghoulification. Glowing ones are often feral but not always, as New Vegas has shown.