Hope I’m not overstepping any bounds, or doing it wrong, but seeing as doesn’t seem to have what I want, the search button here doesn’t work at the moment, and a manual search turns up nothing…


(Original creator’s site for more info.)

I’m mostly asking because the paranoia/fear/screams/pants-changing caused by these is a BEAUTIFUL thing to behold. :smiley: Plus I’d love to see the Ghouls implemented in a source engine game.

I think the “Completely harmless companion cube” is slightly like this.

I’m fully aware of the Companion cube, but only one relatively unknown download I’ve found lets you sic the cube on someone else.

Whereas the potential hilarity of unleashing the Creeper on a server full of unsuspecting victims seems a lot greater.

Or Sjas on a foggy, dark night type map**.

insert evil grin here

**You know, that could make an interesting gamemode or RP server…