Hello, I’m going to try my hand at making a few Fallout themed comics but I’m having one major problem; no damn intelligent ghouls. I’ve found maps that fit my themes and lots of Fallout models but apart from a few ferals and a suited one there are no ghoul models and I’m in desperate need of them.

Any ghoul models you might have in store or hex would be greatly appreciated.

This isn’t the request section, and we aren’t google search.

My bad, but those ghouls are ferals.
Then search. Type in: ghoul.


It’s nice to know that there are people dumber than me on FP. Oh well, since there are no intelligent ghouls on to be found searching for “ghoul” then that must mean no such model exists.

I guess I’ll head over to the request section and ask kindly for something to port/hex one then.

No, you’re just very unspecific saying “intelligent ghouls”. You’re most likely asking for a ghoul who hasn’t turned feral, who hasn’t lost sanity, such as Gob?

Be specific about what you request.

Sorry, I’m gonna be more specific about my request then: I’m looking for a fallout 2/NV ghoul that HAS NOT YET reached a state of deterioration where the brain is affected in such a matter that it looses all higher cognitive function and is reduced to a state that can only be described as feral displaying only basic survival skills and social functioning. Thank you in advance.

It’s impossible to port customized faces from fallout, so if they were ported at all they’d all look the same

Yeah, I knew when I posted that it was a long shot and if it was easy to port one it would probably already have been done. Thanks anyway, I’m gonna try and skin a citizen or something, see how that turns out.

If you can extract fallout textures, then if you could find the ghoul face textures then those might be a good reference point. Or, if you’re good enough, cut it up into peices and make it work on the hl2 citizen faces.

Just whatever you do, don’t just paste the facemap over the hl2 citizen one without modifying it. It’ll look terrible.