GI JOE: Rise of Cobra PS3 models/rigging in files

I’ve posted this over in Xentax’s forums as well, but Luxox managed to break these out pretty quickly, so the compression may not actually be all that difficult. He managed to get the model and textures out pretty quickly this afternoon, but didn’t know enough about bones/rigging to know what else is in there… any chance anyone else can take a look and see what’s what? Here’s how one of the Scarlett’s came up!

Here is a link to The Baroness files if anyone’s keen to help out! If someone can crack it, I’d be more than happy to hook them up with more.

I would love to get my hands on Snake Eyes, and more than a few of the Cobra characters.

Well if someone can come up with a tool or NOESIS script for them, I’ll release them for sure. Files are pretty useless otherwise.

:goodjob: Nice!!!

any vehicles?

Yeah all the vehicles, but there’s nothing that can be done with any of them until someone figures out how to put them together.