Giablo 2 - Let's try this again

Yes, that’s right. Giablo is back, and better than ever! Jake and I have decided to rewrite Giablo from the ground up and make it easier to add new types of weapons, armor, dungeons, and more!

Q and A

Is this a private gamemode?
Yes, it is. Jake has stated this in the past, and I agree with him. We don’t want people making slight modifications and releasing the gamemode as their own. We also think that a few, quality servers are better than 20 different servers all empty.

Can I host a server for this?
Not at the moment. We aren’t at the point where we are going to allow a public beta, but we will soon.
-Redx475 and Jakegadget (coders among other things, heads of the project)
-Jakegadget (original Giablo creator)
-Eyefunk (mapping awesomely awesome maps that are awesome)
-Redx475 (for adding redundancy to everything)
Project website, bug tracker, and more

You can sign up there and post bugs, or you can post bugs here. I’d prefer it if you post them there because it keeps things more organized.
Jake is going to be away for a week or two, but then development will really be started. We do already have a bunch done, though.
Please, tell us what you want in Giablo!
We don’t have any specific media for this version, but it will be using most of the same hud and such, so take a look at the old topic:

Is there content or? I don’t know I couldn’t find any pictures on the website.

Not just yet, but there should be soon. Well, it should look much like the original giablo, so I’ll find the old topic and link it here.

Hmm Giablo, that other thread (Unable to find apparently) had some nice picture of it. Hope it will be similair to that because I like the concepts and the layout of it.

Thank you redx. I didn’t notice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The other thread is linked to in the OP…

Well, we have an AWESOME redone character creation/selection system. Now to actually work on the gameplay!

Nice you guys are working on this again, i played the giablo so much :smiley: .

-Make survival, harder enemies every level.
-More skills etc.
-Coop, like original one had :stuck_out_tongue:
-Stats and achievements
-Harder difficulties, it was gay because even boss was really easy at hardest.
-Slower leveling or more levels, and items for every level, it’s not funny to get XP extremely slowly, then you get lvl “oh just 4 more levels left to be able to get new gun -.-”

All of the above is going to be implemented, except the slower leveling. Items are generated randomly, so whether you get something you can use or not is completely random. Also, item stats are based on what level you currently are on.

Also, I am planning to make a new level type for every dungeon where it adjusts the difficulty based on your level.

I remember the older giablo being fun, cant wait for a server

Glad to see this is coming back up, I enjoyed it back in the past! Good luck to the team.

Make a dynamic music system for different rooms and such, for example if you’re fighting a boss or many monsters make high paced music play.

Yes. I am going to work on this :smiley: