(Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams ragdolls)

I’ve waited quite a while, and I’m willing to be patient but when I’ve recently tried to edit this thing again in blender can’t seem to get textures working, as they don’t attach to the model for some reason. I really could use some help as I’ve asked RandomTalkingBush a long time back but he’s gone MIA more or less. I want to rig it to gmod in particular, nothing too special. I don’t want to annoy anybody but I really would like to get her ingame considering we are getting indie characters as models like Lilac, Shantae and Shovel Knight.

I got the model loaded up in Blender although her hair seems to be slightly fucked. I’m having trouble finding any way to pose the model, I know there are animation files ingame but they are .Anim format which, to my knoledge are only 3Dsmax compatible. ((Which I don’t really like considering that program is a spacehogger))

Any assistance, please?