Giant off-screen shark spitting at invader.

Great scene&pose by Zerax. Cheers him.

wait I don’t get it

are ytou implying that the rain-looking effect is supposed to be saliva


Yeah, and there is a shark. And amazing is, that whole scene is underwater. Oh, and that heli looking thingy is a fishie, fishie.

You should of made the inside lights red and green. It would had looked cooler.

Too colorful, In my opinion, but thanks :slight_smile:

Is there a bigger picture?

Nope, sorry, original was small too.

No, the shark wants to stay hidden.


Can’t see the pic

Hahaha, that shark is so rude!

Nice saliva editing.

They’re gonna get shot down with the light on like that.

This is nice, this deserves more views.

Yeah, I especially like the original pict- Oh wait :v:

edit is awesome.

Where did you get that model?

Thank you all 3>.

Shark model is private, sorry