Giant Pedo Bear Flashes My Screen?

I have just reinstalled Windows 7, fresh install of Rust. Joined my rust server to run around, and then all of a sudden a giant Pedo-Bear starts spamming my screen after about 10minutes of play saying files don’t match, and closed Rust on me?? what is this about? My OS AND Rust are both Fresh installs, and there’s nothing else on my PC aside my Anti-Virus?

Someone found out about your loli fetish, and they clearly do not approve.

Did you install drivers for your video card?

Verify Rust’s file integrity in Steam. That’s the EAC bear.

OK. I just ran the game again after the PedoBear showed up, and it’s been going for the past 45minutes w/o an issue. Guessing maybe it was a fluke?

**Just don’t wanna get banned because of who knows what

I get the same thing and have been for the last two builds. I have verified numerous times. I have launched in steam and on my taskbar. Sometimes one or the other still gives me the stupid image and the other doesn’t. When I try to launch on both and receive the image I usually reboot and that remedies it. It is totally random.
I can tell you this. I do not hack or have ever been accused of hacking. I have almost 400 hours on this game and have never had an issue until last build.

Get the odd one here too. Just quit and re-launch and it’s fine. I thought it was when I adjusted from Fastest to Fast (cached objects are now different?), but have left it at Fast for a few days and still get it the odd time. I chalk it up to a bug.

Yea, happened to me a couple of times.


I got through this by restarting steam. Verifying and restarting rust didn’t have an effect for me.

Yeah, happened to me once. I swear to god my heart stopped for a couple of seconds. After four hours of continuous play, intently leaning into my screen, sneaking up on someone… Giant cheatbear takes over the whole screen. Verified, haven’t had the problem since.

You know, with the large variance in solutions, I almost wonder if just waiting 15 minutes would fix this problem.

Did you try turning it on and off again?