Giant radtowns

Anyone else have a giant radtown since the update? We have one in our server. By giant I don’t mean it’s a big layout. What I mean is it’s like you’ve been miniaturised and barrels etc are bigger than you are! I’ll post a screenshot later.

I was in different rad towns on our Server and had no such issues … but it sounds hilarious XD please post a screenshot as fast as possible

I posted an album here…

I noticed that on the Official Seattle server. The one with the shipping containers is massive. That truck in it is like 2 stories tall, and wood pallets are ridiculously huge too.

That’s amazing.

lol That’s hilarious.

I could wipe the map and go with a new seed… but I think we are gonna enjoy the novelty for a while first.

Haha, awesome!

probably tied to the hangar site resize, but damn that looks funny:) reminds me of that map in cs where you are in a giant kitchen.

Sounds like the Kitchen Map in Urban Terror, one of my favs. Now if only the grass was taller than our character, and we could ride around on Ants.

this is not ur server problem. we have giant rt too

Did you try destroying any giant barrels?

they should have giant loot in them. like an ak the size of your entire body!!

Tha could get nasty: “You have been squashed by a giant bandage BP. Savor the irony.”