Giant ragdoll clips into the skybox

So… yeah…

Can this be fixed or is the ragdoll just too big?

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Actually is there a way to make it spawn horizontally? Since it spawns vertically it fails to spawn in most maps since there is just no space.

scale the model down in the editor of your choice

Scaling it down would defeat the purpose of the giant ragdoll. Best I can do is make a skybox version.
Plus this is 0.44 of its original size already.

It could potentially work if it spawned horizontally rather than vertically actually.

Smaller model or a larger map, take your pick

use GM_Black instead of a piece of shit like Flatgrass

That’s the problem, neither is really an option. Scaling down the model to any degree besides making a skybox version would destroy it’s purpose, and this is already close to the max size of hammer.

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Gm_Black is what I usually use, but I already have illumination problems on that with bus-size models, much less this monstrosity.

Is there a way to spawn it horizontally? That would solve half of my problems right there.

Figure out what direction it’s rotating in when you spawn it, then rotate it the opposite direction in your modelling program and compile. Garry’s Mod will flip it over like it does with all ragdolls, but if it’s already flipped the opposite way, it’ll spawn standing.

Such a large ragdoll is borderline useless, though. You won’t be able to use it on any maps besides a select few and if you’re trying to use it for screenshots then unless it’s a full view, it’ll just disappear because the origin is so far off screen.

If you’re making it for posing, then you’d benefit from making versions that are just parts of it. Like a leg or a head that you can easily fit into a scene without having to pose the entire model or deal with the lighting screwing up because half of the model is outside the map.

I am going to do a skybox-sized version though. Hell, the main reason I ported this is so I could know whether or not it was doable.
Unfortunately it is not going to work very well until we get a proper source 2 sandbox.
Still, thanks for the flip tip, that will be helpful for a LOT of ragdolls.

You could change your ragdoll pose ($sequence for act_dieragdoll) and use one which it is posed horizontally.

Okay now I have a good measurement for what is too big for source and not. Either way the experiment was successful.
Thanks for the help guys, thread can be closed now.