Giant robot walks through a destroyed city while firing his rifle.

Or for those who know “*Eva-01 walks through Tokyo *3”.

Wanted to test this models and I ended up doing a scenebuild.

Another angles:

Where’d you get them buildings?

The Decadence Mod(Alot of fucking awesome props there, unluckily no ragdolls, all players are effects :saddowns:), pretty awesome mod, but dead as fuck(Like all the other good mods).

You can find it on Moddb, I lack a link right now, sorry.

That’s one fucking awesome picture

Nice editing there.

reminds me of a covenant from halo

Cool stuff.

Where did you get the mini cars from?

Prop-resizer on 0.09 bro.

Glad you like it guys :dance:

Oh Heh i am stupid.

Oh nice, I like this. Awesome backdrop too.

What part do i type 0.09 in?

Looks awesome man! Like I said on Steam a few days back. :v:

Pretty amazing.
Also, Punkrock, your Avatar made me nostalgia :v:

That looks good.

Ah right. I downloaded the installer a long time ago but never got around to putting it all in Gmod. I just though the maps looked good, but having sweet models is good too!

Picture is quite good. I love that robot model… whatever the hell it is. Although it has to be said that the robot looks a million times higher-res than everything else in the picture, which is odd.

Awesome use of the prop resizer.

Nice muzzle flash.

It is one of the robots from Neon Genesis Evangelion, a very trippy anime.

This is a quick reply.

Now really… I’m a huge Evangelion fan… And this pic here looks awesome…
Despite the fact that helicopters don’t look so much like the ones on the anime the entire pic looks awesome…

A great change from the first version you showed me…

Have a palette mate!