Giant robots? In MY Gmod? You and I would me happier if it would be more likely!

I love mechas, I mean a lot they are jsut awesome.
So are there some in gmod?
Heck yes! there are even a couple of em in!

Only one problem!
There was some updates to garry’s mod and the thrustars have changed.
Now these robots are just plain awesome especially the giant combine one it works like a charm no lagg or anything!
So of course I wanted to Adv Duplicate it for like spacebuild :v:
But these two are controlled mainly by thrusters, so when I try to duplicate it the thrusters fall off.
the little orange one is still functionable it can still work, but the big one gets paralyzed.
It moves with thrusters only so after the duplication we pretty much have a robotic ragdoll.
So facepunch Is there any way to fix it, so it could be Adv Duplicated?
Also I’ve been trying to do one for me, ut of cours its hard and I am no expert in wire :v:
And are there other Mechas like these? I’d like to know .

Use wire thrusters where you have normal thrusters, set them up the exact same way. Then make one of these for each set of thrusters you want to control: . Put them somewhere where you can easily redo them, then pull out the wire tool. Change the width to 0, then proceed to wire the thruster’s value to the input you want it to work for.

Here’s something I did in paint to help represent this: