GibMod - Gibbing and dismemberment with multiplayer support!

GibMod: “Explode and dismember people and NPCs–ONLINE!”


  • NPC ragdolls stay on multiplayer
  • Dismemberment
  • Gibbing when killed by explosions
  • Customizable with gibmod_* commands (below)
  • Shoot someone in the head, and their ragdoll’s head will be gone too :slight_smile:
  • Works on NPCs and players
  • Works in multiplayer!


  • gibmod_bloodtime # - The number of seconds before the blood after dismembering something disappears
  • gibmod_enabledismemberment [1/0] - Enable dismemberment (ragdolls will just gib if you shoot them if this is off)
  • gibmod_enablegibbing [1/0] - Enable gibbing (people will just turn into ragdolls when they die with this off)
  • gibmod_gibbouncetime # - The number of seconds before gibs disappear after hitting the ground
  • gibmod_gibmaxtime # - The number of seconds before gibs disappear regardless if they hit the ground or not
  • gibmod_maxgibs # - Maximum number of gibs to make whenever someone dies
  • gibmod_mingibs # - Minimum number of gibs to make whenever someone dies
  • gibmod_onlydecapdeadrags [1/0] - Should we only be able to dismember the ragdolls of dead people, or just any prop_ragdoll on the map?
  • gibmod_onlygibdeadrags [1/0] - Should we only be able to gib the ragdolls of dead people, or just any prop_ragdoll on the map?
  • gibmod_ragdolltime # - The number of seconds before ragdolls disappear
  • gibmod_gibdecals [1/0] - If gibs splash blood decals on the floor when they hit
  • gibmod_damagedecals [1/0] - If blood decals are created around a dismembered joint
  • gibmod_maxeffects # - Maximum number of gibs on screen at once (clientside)
  • gibmod_keepgibs [1/0] - Should gibs stay permanently? (At least until maxeffects is hit)
  • gibmod_pufftime # - Number of time in seconds that the “puff” cloud of blood will stay around for
  • gibmod_hstime # - Same as pufftime, but for the smaller puff used in headshots
  • gibmod_numhgibs # - Number of “brain” gibs to come out when you get a headshot
  • gibmod_rehook - Reloads GibMod in case it ceases to function properly
  • gibmod_cleanmap - Cleans the map of all gibs and decals
  • gibmod_compatibilitymode [1/0] - Toggles compatibility mode for those installs having conflicting addon problems

Extract to addons.

Screenshots in the download link:

New of v1.63:
Old video of v1.5
Old video of v1.1, courtesy of Illokin.

If you’re having problems with GibMod not working, try using “gibmod_compatibilitymode 1” in console and restarting the map.

To add custom gib models:
Just open autorun/gibmod.lua and add/remove lines in the lists at the top of the file accordingly.
Changes made to this list will only take effect on the server, it isn’t clientside.
Be sure to add commas after every line but the last!


Not on players.

And not in multiplayer.

Video, please?

Already found a devastating exploit in the code that could crash a server easily in less than 5 seconds. I don’t recommend any server install this.

The fact that any client can modify the convars?

I don’t suppose you’d be interested in, you know, telling me?

what about this:
would be epic when you shoot a head of the brain flies out.

Tried this with my friend, it was awesome, there were just a few problems though.
First of all, the part where you shoot people’s heads off is GREAT, only downside is that the blood looks weird, TF2 style may I say? and there’s no blood on the ragdoll’s head or on the floor or anything.

I suggest making it like Dismemberment mod, shoot a guy’s head, it blows up in a bloody fountain of… blood. Maybe add some…I don’t know what you call them, the blood lines that hang down walls in Dismemberment mod.

Secondly, when you nuke the map, it seems to continueosly gib you, which may result in the crashing of your game.

Other than those small things, it’s an awesome mod.

i beleive decals is the word youre looking for

Aha, thanks for that last bit. It looks like I wasn’t checking if the player was dead or not when getting gibbing or ragdolling them, I’ll upload a fix for that tomorrow, as well as start some work on better blood effects, I don’t want to rip anything from Dismemberment Mod though.

Also, I’m almost positive that clients can’t control server cvars. If anyone can confirm this lemme know, but I’ll probably do my own tests tomorrow anyway. In the case that clients can–does anyone know how to make server-only convars? :v:

Requesting a video!

Update! New blood effect on dismemberment, players are no longer affected by GibMod if they’re already dead, and you now have to use a more powerful weapon to gib a ragdoll from its chest. 357s and rockets will do, pistols and SMGs won’t–makes it easier to dismember limbs without accidentally gibbing the ragdoll. You can no longer gib/dismember “metal” NPCs like city scanners, turrets, etc…, or mattress ragdolls. Also a couple of quick fixes that break the main hook.

Just to clarify: Clients can NOT change the server convars for GibMod. You’re completely safe, anyone that’s said anything about this before is just talking out of their ass.

Great, but the only downside is when you kill a NPC, the force from the bullet\prop doesnt effect the ragdoll, it just spawns where the npc was killed.

Not completely sure how to do that. It works on players, just not NPCs. :frowning:
Video added to the OP, courtesy of Illokin. Thanks!!

No problem. :smiley:

I hoped for a gib mod just like from ralle, his version doesn’t have effects :frowning:

it would be more fun if you shoot with the rpg in front off a npc/player feet he flies in the air without legs.

This mod doesn’t let me disable gibbing, which is really annoying cause gibbing is stupid. Everything else is good though.