GIdol [ Getting worse everyday ]

What is it?
This is a stupid and humorous idea I thought people could have some fun in if they were bored. Basically the audience gets to pick from a list of songs and the game-mode will randomly pick a player to be the singer. The player will have 80 seconds to sing whatever song they are given to their best potential. The audience will rate the singer good or bad. If the player is horrible different things will happen to him etc: Pianos falling on his body exploding his guys everywhere, everyone int he audience suddenly getting guns as his body is mutilated on the stage, a hammer could slam the player into the wall , and much more

Coming soon:Currently finishing the game mode.

Want to see a song added just post below.


Download Link:


List of Current Songs:
John Legend - all of me
Rebecca Black - Friday
Word Up! Little Mix
Let it Go - Frozen
Portal (GLaDOS) - Still Alive
Journey - don’t stop believing
Demons ~ Imagine Dragon
Radioactive ~ Imagine Dragon
Your Love in the style of The Outfield
Video Killed The Radio Star
Kelis - Milkshake
Justin Bieber - Baby
Cee Lo Green-F**k You
Eminem - Rap God

–Currently adding more torture ones :wink:

Pictures: Yea I know I suck at GUIs and HUDs[/t] [t][/t]

I can’t fully show everything yet with the guns and such until I get more players and have the server up.

#How many boxes can I get. :smiley:

So… Is this just an idea or do you actually have a working gamemode? You havent shown anythin

I have a working gamemode. I am just doing safety checks right now to try and prevent abuse of certain things. Like spamming your mic while the singer is singing. Also making sure there are not any errors anywhere, because I feel like I forgot something majorly important.

Also right now I am just gonna be using a default theater map until I finish the actual map I want to use for this. I needs more traps.

Don’t hardcode traps into the map.

Lua is your solution.

Don’t make a thread unless you actually have something to show. This seems kind of funny though

It’s gonna be funny when someone without a mic joins and gets picked as singer

I would love to play around with this when you upload it :slight_smile:

Can we get Milkshakes by Kelis pls. :wink:

Very good idea, and like you said in the op you should have like a 5-10 second timer on audience mics. Also make it so the audience can only talk once every ‘x’ seconds to prevent them from just refreshing their mic.

Oh god lissening to kids sing would be golden XD

You cant sing tho…


Call it Garry’s X Factor then use that painted portrait of him as the prize.

How would adding songs work? Could this maybe be expanded into karaoke ?


How well do you sing my boy?

Better than you, bitch.

Damn right Kelis

No joke i would host this 24/7 and encourage people to play on it.

I actually was going to do a combination of both. I would love to have a giant pit open up on the stage floor. It would be easier to do that with hammer and simply make a lua function that can trigger it. I guess you could use stencils or something but I am not good with stencils in lua and I don’t think you can cut a hole like that in the physics mesh of the world.

It already is like karaoke. The screens I posted in the screenshots will show the text and what not. This way players will know if they screwed up on some words. Also adding songs is pretty easy. You just need to get the url form a you-tube video and put it into a table and it will automatically add it to the list.

What about lyrics for the screen?

Can I just say, that text is absolutely horrible :confused: