Gif or Video Loading Screen?

Is it possible to have a Gif or YouTube video as a loading screen? Alongside the music that comes with the video?

Not sure if Flash works on loading screens, if it does then youtube videos should be fine

Yeah you can have a Youtube video player along with sound on the loading screen. Although the players need Adobe Flash Player for other browsers downloaded and installed. You can then add an <embed> video HTML.

Anywhere I can find a premade <embed> HTML code and paste the video link in place of the other?

Put it on a website Vidio/Gif and set it as the loading screen.

Just so you know, when embedding a video player into a HTML page it is always max volume. Most professional servers don’t use loading screen music for that same reason. Even if you keep the volume slider in the loading screen, It’s not interactive. If you still want to go ahead, to get embed code. Go to youtube, find the video, look in description then go to the embed tab.

You can feed the Youtube URL with GET params, setting a default volume.