"Gift of the Gods"

wrong section, git

dem textures

Gmod and photoshop only

Let me guess SFM?

And if it isn’t I will eat my own arse. (I wouldn’t of course)

The SFM section…you know.

Right there, on the right?

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Its like this Danik996 since you’ve been posting SFM stuff in this section for the last couple of weeks, show us the original screenshot without photoshop then we will take you seriously, simple as that.

don’t insult our intellect.

Danik just stop

Could you post the original?

Original http://i.imgur.com/lXKT1.jpg

its not sfm i can tell from that shitty default source lighting and lack of ao

see those volumetric light effects? see heavy’s high def hands?

i see them, and that’s SFM

omg its so impossible to port sfm models to a different source engine game!!!

Ok, I’m just a slave to appearance.

it is from SFM.

cool screenshot either way tho

Weren’t you like, just banned for this?

Why are you doing it again?

eh snip