Gigantic Porting Thread

Gigantic, the game by Motiga, not as a huge porting thread.

So I wanted to make this thread because I’m not smart enough to know how to port all of the models myself. I think I also dumped too much of my stupidity in the OSFM Discord so I’d rather make a thread and work things out clearly on here.
I already ported Tripp so far on the steam workshop.

Yes, I know that py_bun was also working on porting models, but I started on Tripp by at least a week before she posted this tweet. I was really close to finishing Tripp and all the recolor skins, I figured I would just keep going. At this point I have no clue whether pybun is still working on them herself. I didn’t intend to “compete”, it just was those situations where I started before her.

If you know how to port unreal stuff, you probably will not need to read below.

Below was my workflow of porting Tripp to SFM. It is likely wrong in many aspects and could be done better but I’ve literally never done this before so please help me improve constructively.

Now the current hurdle I’m facing is that I’m currently porting Aisling. She is already infinitely more complex for my tiny brain because she has eyes and eyelid bones.

So my problem is I have no clue how to implement the QC eyes effectively if the eyes will be its own smd mesh that will be stacked with the main mesh in the qc.

Also, I have no clue how to make the model compatible with AO in sfm.

And here I was hoping there’d be a giant list of high quality must-have ports. I am mistaken :v:

Yeah that was somewhat disappointing.

Sorry. :frowning:

Np mate. Your porting looks great. Keep it up and keep us informed on the progress :dance:


Update: Things are going very slowly. I’m working on Aisling and I just can’t figure out how to do the qc eyes. I already finished all the skins, I renamed the bones, and everything else, BUT getting the eyes to work is going over my head.

I learned how to solve the issue of the eye texture and the body texture overriding eachother. Don’t seperate the eye mesh from the body, literally assign the material to the eyes and assign the other material to the body. It’s so bloody simple I feel really stupid for doing some crap workaround.

heres the part of the qc that does the thing from the qceyes.exe program.

$model "1" "body.smd" {
	eyeball righteye "bip_head" -2.64 -7.49 59.21 "eye_r" 1.00 4 "RightEye" 2
	eyeball lefteye "bip_head" 2.64 -7.49 59.21 "eye_l" 1.00 -4 "LeftEye" 1
	flexcontroller eyes range -90 90 eyes_updown
	flexcontroller eyes range -90 90 eyes_rightleft

//start eye/face data
$eyeposition 0 0 70

//head controllers
$attachment "eyes" "bip_head" 0.00 -7.49 59.21 absolute

now I have no clue what any of this does. in the second and third lines, is “bip_head” refering to the eye bone? is it supposed to be the head bone? I have no clue.

Is “eye_r” the name of the material i label? because that’s what I did, and it seems to work but I can’t be sure.

Lastly, I saw on someone else’s forum post that they put “RightEye” and “LeftEye” for their sections at the end of the line. What does it mean? I have no clue! so I did it anyways.

Also the eye texture is scaled down for whatever reason so I had to scale it back up. I can’t scale it up to the perfect size it was before by just eyeballing it, is there anyway to make it not scale down? I have no clue!

so heres the vmt for the right eye:

	"$iris" "models/gigantic/characters/aisling/eyes"
	"$ambientoccltexture" "models/gigantic/characters/aisling/eyes_ao"
	"$corneatexture" "models/gigantic/characters/aisling/eyes_cornea"
	"$envmap" "Engine/eye-reflection-cubemap-" 

There’s probably more commands I need to add, but I have no clue.

When I changed it to EyeRefract, the eye actually does move in HLMV so I was happy I was actually making progress, but I still don’t know what anything even means.
does “$iris” refer to the Eye diffuse texture? because that’s what I did.

Looking at the wiki I think “$corneatexture” is for the normal map of the eye, but it also mentions that there is something else in the Blue and Alpha Channel of the image. But I have no clue what exactly.

“$AmbientOcclTexture” is what exactly? looking at other workshop model’s materials it looks like a black and white image that dictates the occlusion for the eye?

“$envmap” seems pretty straightforward, i just stuck the default one in as a placeholder because I have no clue what to put instead.

The end result is this:

The thing doesn’t even work. Right off the bat the eye is sideways. the eye moved in HLMV when i moved the eyes_updown/rightleft slider, but it doesn’t move nearly as much in SFM, and the ViewTarget doesn’t work at all.

So essentially, I’m stupid.**

I have no clue what I’m doing, and nothing seems to be working.
there are already Eye bones that can rotate the eyes when I ripped the model. So is there some better approach to qc eyes that I don’t know of?

I’ve only found guides that only cover the qc bit, but not the materials part, and vice versa. Many times they just make me ask more questions. Do I need to make the eye materials “EyeRefract”? I don’t want realistic eyes, because the game the model is from isn’t aiming at realistic eyes at all. What do the commands I’m putting in the qc mean exactly? What’s wrong and how do I fix it.
Also I know the title of the thread seems “baitey”. Sorry about that, is there any way I can edit the name?

Rate this post “Dumb” if you want, I already know that. But I just want to learn how to do it correctly. This is just a mess

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alright well I just tried to edit the OP and change the title of the thread to something that clarifies this thread more clearly. It didn’t seem to work. Sorry