Gigginox (Monster Hunter Tri)

A cave dwelling wyvern.

[ul]Finger (toe) posing[/ul]
[ul]4 sizes (0.3x small, 1x regular, 3x big, 7x bigger)[/ul]
[ul]Toggle glowy things via bodygroup[/ul]
[ul]2 skins[/ul]


Thanks to Dragoshi1 for providing the model.

Also on Toybox.

Very cool as usual!

For a minute, I thought those eyes were missing textures. WHY MUST PEOPLE USE THAT SHADE OF PINK?

I really gotta play this game someday…CURSE YOU EMPTY WALLET!!! I must find a part time job…

Because that’s what color they are in-game.

Amazing. Any chance of porting the eggs and larvaes?