Gigolo #8

Sorry it has taken a while guys, I got trapped in the world of final fantasy 7 and 8 and they took up my free time, the bastards. ( - back issues and a few other bits and pieces!)

The story of a man in a suppressed post-apocalyptic future. While some silent and hairy theoretical physicist runs around fruitlessly saving the world, Carl stumbles across a device which allows him to make love again. He then decides to sell his services to any and all…

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Gigolo #8
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Silly, just to show how much I love your comic, I didn’t even mind the ten minutes it took to load on this crappy wireless internet signal from five blocks away…all for you, bud.

Brilliant, as always!

ahahaha i LOVE these comics cant wait for #9

Dude I don’t know how you do it, each episode really does get better and better. Fantastic as always.

What MADmarine said.

I can only say one thing:


After this, it can only get even more awesome.

Awesome work! I lol’d hard. Keep it up :smiley:

Ahaha, I fucking love these.

Awesomeness. If only they could be full size…

You right click, view image…

Great as usual.

Can’t believe this has been out for 4 days and I didn’t notice.

great series. great story.

More! I demand more! This is an amazingly great comic. How could something like this be so awesome?

Great story, like kari said. But I demand more!

Wait, who the fuck cares about what I want? :frown:

me <3


Make moar :d

Where’s #9? :saddowns:

Let him do it in peace.

Too much awesome.

i can’t stop laughing i lost it at the gman part

As I type, I’m down with a bug. I’ve been feeling shit all day, then I stumbled across this. It’s cheered me up no end.
Thank you my friend, I owe you one!