"Gilgramene, the beast of the Northern Ocean..." Or a beached seamonster

A strange idea I had. And that’s all I can say…

Looking back, I should have added seagulls feeding on the body.


that is pretty strange

can he talk


he’s all like “Friends get me into the water” and then they have to use that crane to push him into the water


and he gives them magic items



I’m sorry kracker… Gilgramene is dead… has been.




where is this model from?

Thane and bill, awesome awesome combo!

Also, I like this. Original and good.

And I hate to ask… but where is the model from?

The model is from a Turok dinosaur model from here and garrysmod.org. And yes, strangely enough I though Bill and Thane were an interesting combo. More so, since, of course, I have a story behind this in the works.

hahahah the fact it’s on venetian (i think?) makes this hilariously appropriate for me. ahhh, rp memories.


wait, i’m fucking retarded, that’s a hl2 coast map. kill me now

2 hours of sleep does this to you kiddies


im literally the dude in the pale shirt right now

fuck what a day for three hours of thermodynamics lecs

Lol. You should really get some rest. Or something.

no i need to stay awake shsdhgnbggff

dude i bro out with here at uni is ex-navy and was an orifice (officer) so he generally cracks the shits with me if i fall asleep mid-lecture. orifices fucking hate that.

Yeah, I need to stay awake to troll the hell out of people!

In honesty though, you create a TON of shitstorms.

yes why don’t we bring this up in every goddamn thread i post in!!!

oh wait that would be trolling wouldn’t it oh dear

It’s funny because you’re annoyed

i’m not annoyed, i’m mocking you for doing exactly what you’re complaining about me doing

now kindly get out of ben’s thread, we are having a conversation and you are not invited

Needs more lovecraftian horrors.

Cool picture. Posing’s solid, angle’s good and shows how massive it is in comparison, my only real complaint is that the grain is excessive.


I’m not too familiar with Lovecraft’s work unfortunately. Everything else: Thanks.

Cthulhu, Shub-Niggurath, Dagon, Deep ones, Azathoth, Mi-go, Flying Polyps, Shoggoths, and some other stuff. Look 'em up.

Shit forgot Yog-Sothoth.

I’ve heard of Cthulhu, Deep Ones, and Dagon; and I am occassionaly keeping an eye out for some of the books. All in due time.