Gimme all yo money

My last post for today. From tomorrow onwards, I will be really busy until next week, so just leave comments and hopefully I’ll be free in a week’s time to see it.

You really like the Zoey twins huh?

By the way.
Fucking oversized knife.

The kukri is too large for Zoey’s hand…

Or fear the wrath of an inflatable toy kukri!

That guy is holding about 50000K and he is wearing shitty tramp clothing.

That’s a bloody sword, not a knife.

That was the machete the TF2 sniper uses.

The posing is alright. Knife is way too big as the combine said. You need different models,that citizen looks odd with loads of cash. Also the Zoey with the white jacket,her cleavage looks fake but thats not your fault I guess.

Why took it?
Its from TF2 and doesnt fit with the source engine!

TF2 is on the source engine… Its something called a hybrid.

I hate these twins.

O god, worst pose I have seen today