Gimme the game pls

Hello Facepunch Studio! i’m a young student that want to play your famous sandbox game made by Source Engine named S&B, i don’t want to wait 7 Fucking month to play the game, i don’t know if i would still be alive, imagine someone kill me with his car. so guys pls be nice and give me a key of the game, you already know my Steam Account cuz i need to wait 7 focking month to play a beta with bugs, also i have a VR Device so i want to test your VR with the game, i will also do a video cuz the french youtuber named “Garry’s School” didn’t made a lot with the games, and if you want a proof that i’m a good player, i invit you to test me in CS GO in a map in Dust 2, i’m a general in this game so i would ez all the developpers, and if i win you give me the game + you add an easter egg in the game about me “The Legend Reda”


Challenging developers to a duel just to get a key, this is innovation.


There is nothing to play yet.

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This is gold.

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lmao, I so much understand your frustration with this guy :joy:

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We sent you an email, follow the instructions and you’ll receive the game.


woah i got sent one too!
thanks for the access ubre!!!

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i didn’t have anything

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WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was just about to ask for an email but it looks like you already got me covered! Thank you so much ubre you have my thanks and prayers :pray: :pray: :pray:


покажи им кто в доме хозяин

I know how to get the game: Google search “never gonna give you up” and click the first result you see.

speedrun dude, go to google and tap “Monke Flip” you will saw the truth about reality

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Sorry to derail the thread a bit but… thank you so much dude! I was like 10000 in the queue and would need to wait 5 months, but now I can play s&box, I can’t thank you enough!!!

How is he giving out access? Is this a joke?

dude i didn’t had a email, help

Not sure if this is the same from everyone but I received an email that gave me a link to log in the dev site and a couple of instructions to set it to dev preview, and it worked like a charm!

Check your spam mail, maybe it went there?

can you give me your discord?

What is the domain name e.g., not the part after the /. Are you sure it’s legit?

i give to you a friend request