Gimmix - Ruin your server and make everyone hate you


Has anyone else here played Space Station 13 on the Goon Server? The goon version of SS13 has a bunch of silly gimmicky bullshit that gets randomly activated by admins whenever they get drunk or bored or both. The gimmicks generally wreck the game and get a bunch of people killed/pissed off.

Gimmix is essentially a system that randomly creates game-altering crap (it is NOT a gamemode - it’s an addon that works on top of any gamemode). You can control how frequently this crap spawns, or manually spawn some yourself if you’re an admin. The gimmicks range from beneficial to funny to deadly to downright annoying to ragequittingly awful.

Here’s a list of [semi] completed gimmicks i’ve got:

Delivery Gimmicks - Not exactly gimmicks. They’re used to deliver the gimmicks to the players.

  • Pandora’s Box. A strange vibrating box spawns somewhere on the map. Nearby players will be notified of its presence. The first player to find and open the box is given a ~random gimmick~. This could be good or bad depending on which gimmick you get.
  • Spontaneous Fuckery. A random player is chosen and a random gimmick is imparted upon them. This one happens less frequently because it can get very fucking annoying.
  • Guessing Game. A random player has 3 overturned pots spawn in front of him. 1 contains a beneficial gimmick. 2 contain evil gimmicks. ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH? BIG AND BAD ENOUGH?
  • Communism. The least frequent delivery gimmick. Everyone gets the same gimmick. Chaos will follow.

Player-based gimmicks - Gimmicks that directly affect players

  • DUI. The affected player becomes drunk. Their vision blurs and their camera wobbles around slowly.
  • Spontaneous Tourettes Syndrome. The affected player begins to cuss up a storm. Their view shakes violently for 30 seconds.
  • Ragdolling. The affected player becomes a ragdoll. You can control the ragdoll somewhat.
  • Memetic Kill Agent. Any players near the target player must follow the player or they will slowly die.
  • Acid Flashback. The affected player trips the fuck out.
  • Rocket boots. The affected player gets a brand new pair of rocket boots! Unfortunately there’s no off button. And the boots are highly explosive.
  • Explosive Diarrhea. The affected player needs a new pair of pants.
  • Full heal. Player has their health restored.

Weapon-based gimmicks - Weapons you can get

  • Russian Revolver.
  • Cumshot cannon.
  • Syringe Launcher. Infect one player with a random player-based gimmick. They’ll probably have lots of nice things to say about you afterwards.

Entity gimmicks - Entities that spawn on the map

  • Trampoline. Launches players upwards if they jump on it.
  • Proximity Mine.

Check out these Sweet Pics, Mate!


The cussing in the second screenshot is 100% generated by the tourettes script.


That’s a combination of tourettes and drunkness. It’s very unpleasant.

So yeah. Post ideas and shit here i guess! Here’s an example gimmick.

[lua]local GIMMICK = {}
GIMMICK.Duration = 60 * 2
GIMMICK.Shared = true
GIMMICK.ClientHooks = { “RenderScreenspaceEffects”, “CalcView” }
GIMMICK.Intensity = 0

function GIMMICK:OnStart()

local ply = self:GetPlayer()

if ValidEntity( ply ) then
	GIMMIX.ChatPrint( { "Looks like ", ply, " has been hitting the sauce pretty hard..." } )



function GIMMICK:OnEnd()

local ply = self:GetPlayer()

if ValidEntity( ply ) then
	GIMMIX.ChatPrint( { "You've sobered up!" }, ply )



function GIMMICK:OnClientStart()

self.WobbleTime = CurTime() + self.Duration - 40
self.Ang = Angle(0,0,0)
self.TargAng = Angle(1,1,1)


function GIMMICK:RenderScreenspaceEffects()

DrawMotionBlur( 0.05, 0.6, 0.01 )


function GIMMICK:CalcView( ply, origin, angle, fov )

if self.WobbleTime > CurTime() then

	self.Intensity = math.Approach( self.Intensity, 20, FrameTime() )

	self.Intensity = math.Approach( self.Intensity, 0, FrameTime() )


self.Ang.p = math.Approach( self.Ang.p, self.TargAng.p, 0.001 )
self.Ang.y = math.Approach( self.Ang.y, self.TargAng.y, 0.001 )
self.Ang.r = math.Approach( self.Ang.r, self.TargAng.r, 0.001 )

if self.Ang == self.TargAng then

	self.TargAng = Angle( math.Rand( 0, 5 ), math.Rand( 0, 5 ), math.Rand( 0, 5 ) )


angle.roll = angle.roll + math.sin( CurTime() + self.Ang.r ) * self.Intensity
angle.pitch = angle.pitch + math.sin( CurTime() + self.Ang.p ) * self.Intensity
angle.yaw = angle.yaw + math.sin( CurTime() + self.Ang.y ) * self.Intensity

return ply, origin, angle, fov


gimmick.Register( GIMMICK )[/lua]

I must try this with my brother. At least I thought I should until I saw no download link.

I’ll be expecting a release, since a system like this could just make me laugh for hours, torturing minges with it :D.

As for an idea, how about something that makes someone move at supersonic speeds, but they can’t slow down and can’t stop as soon as they start moving?

Could be as simple as roping a timer to them, permanently sticking +forward, or whatever command was pressed, and setting their walkspeed to 3000 or something.

There’s a more elegant way to do that. But yes that is a neat idea. Maybe also do a trace in front of the player that kills anything they hit, and damages them when they hit a wall. So they essentially turn into a retarded charging bull.

I also haven’t included any way to directly give a gimmick to a player. I guess i could add a concommand or an admin SWEP.

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Got the ~guessing pot game~ coded although it had one horrifying bug involving multiplying pots that wouldn’t rotate around me properly


oh god they have become sentient and they will stop at nothing to make me decide on a pot

And FYI the pots circle around you for 10 seconds before disappearing so you don’t HAVE to make a choice. But you’re a huge pussy if you don’t.

nüke: poopblood GAYLORD  pumpy BITCH PISSPUKE 

i have also been out-cussed by my own code

ALSO i found the SWEP i was looking for

i am the CumLord


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Here’s a working version.


  • Drunkness
  • Tourettes
  • Memetic Kill Agent
  • Landmine
  • Full Heal
  • Guessing Game, Pandora’s Box, Instafuckery and Communism Delivery Gimmicks.



And now we wait for the screamer :v:

Here’s the release thread, direct all your ideas/hatred to it!

Does what it says. I guess this is perfect for DarkRP servers.

A plugin-ish system would be rather nice if you care to add it :slight_smile:

Um, not sure what you mean by plugin system… There’s already the ability to create/delete/remove gimmicks with ease.

He means the modularity.

In which case it’s already done, i suppose. You have the ability to create your own gimmicks which can use any shared/client/server hook in the game. Each has its own file.

DarkRP is the first Gimmick.

what in the name of jesus fuck is the point of this
you’re releasing an addon that makes admins drunk and makes the clients pissed off and get killed
no seriously

Actually it makes anyone drunk, not just admins. And not all of the gimmicks are deadly.

Also since this is a public release i can’t release some of my more interesting gimmicks. Like Goatse Goggles. If drunk vision makes you piss your pants with rage then i bet you’ll love this.

NSFW. Click here for eternal enlightenment.

Why would it being public make it so you can’t include those?
Also, this is hilarious, and I’m sure it would work really well on deathrun servers.

Well i don’t think uploading goatse to would be a smart idea. Plus there really isn’t that much demand for this so i don’t really feel like going through the effort of releasing it.