Gina Cross and Colette Green Models from PS2 - Half-Life: Decay

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gina Cross and Colette Green Models from PS2 - Half-Life: Decay

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Gina Cross and Colette Green Models

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] GMod10 - unsure about GMOD 9 -

[tab]Download:[/tab] See below [/release]

Gina Cross and Colette Green from PS2 HL1 Decay From a request of this user !

Models Features :

-They are not finger posable in Gmod10 and in Gmod9
-They are pre-finger posed, this mean that you can swith their hands to a other position using body group

Credits :

  • Me (ferdam) for converting them.
  • Gearbox for the original models.
  • Romka for the modifications.

Download :
(not available anymore)

Pics :
(Imageshack is 2 shitty to be able to display pictures now. Not available anymore)

->Ask ROMKA for permission to modify the models.

Great! It’s released. :3:

I’ll do a better reskin tomorrow, if nobody else takes the task

Ok, thank you, I really want them as High Quality !

Awesome job.

Yes! It is released now!

Pure win, far too shiney though.


Also, just to be picky. It was Gearbox who made the models, not VALVe.

bah, I remember them! These are the only HL characters that spoke as you played as them.

You should convert the Wheelchair Guy next (Forgot his name)

Holy shit, epic. Now if only I could find my old HL PS2 CD :(.

Great job, thank you so much.

By the way, the models do work for Gmod 9, and here’s the spawncodes:

#Colette Green” “models/HLPS2Decay/colettegreen.mdl”
#Gina Cross” “models/HLPS2Decay/gina-cross.mdl”

Wow!! great job! you’re digged your gold star again! :smiley:

Correct. Also these are the modified versions by Romka.

Nice job, the decay story was fun.

Shiny HEV suit is SHINY! :v:

Dr. Rosenberg


Oh cool!

His name is Doctor Richard Keller.

Nice job, mate!

Oh, and WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY SMARTNESS! It used to be 7000s :uhoh:

aww man i hate when my research gets me false answeres