I have never modeled anything, nor I have never used 3ds Max before in my life. All I did was follow Mariokart64n’s ragdolling tutorial and experiment with stuff.
I wanted to port a model but I had zero experience. This is my first time editing and compiling a model for Source, and it’s a ragdoll. There are TONS of errors with this port and I plan to fix them. I just wanted to post this as a proof of concept. I’m happy with it so far. :smile:

I do plan on fixing a lot of stuff. Like adding faceposing to the jaw (open/close,) eye posing, finger posing, bump mapping, and all-out fixing the weights. (this pose took forever.) I also plan on making the correct sizes based on the Godzilla 1998 movie. (including baby size maybe?)

Of course I take no credit for the model. This model was made by Scott Ayers over at the Daz 3D forums.

Hopefully I won’t run into unfixable problems. Don’t expect a full release soon because I’m still learning. :v:

With a model that big you can probably just rig the jaw to another bone to make it pose-able.

IT FUCKIN SH- naw it’s good keep up the good work. :slight_smile: