Gino's Bistro
This is my third map. Its a small restaurant with a stage. Its good for posing and just messing around. Instructions on where to put it are in the readme. If you have any good suggestions for V2, please post them.


Here are some pics.

Have fun.

Almost looks like you’re in HL1.

that stage wall needs a diffrent texture…
try one that looks like it’s made of a kind of fabric

you have all those posh paintings of people and fine dineing and then a stage you would find in a stand up comady show

Its pretty blocky, but I like the idea.

I thought it was hl1 :geno:

It looks much better in-game, and your right, those paintings are sort of random.

Take better screenshots.
THe Quality is :cop:

It looks really good, it is a bit blocky and some of the textures seem strange but otherwise a good looking map, definitely would be good for posing with a little more work.

Looks great for posing. I can see this being in the next Garry’s Mod parody video.

The tables are good, so is the stage. But the other parts of the map are horrible.

The rooms are incredible blocky and some textures are stretched. And those paintings don’t make the walls look any better. Like DaApocalypse said, it really looks like you’re in HL1. You should add pillars and other supports for the walls and roof. Add windows with proper frames too and make the lighting more dramatic. Also, use proper textures for the walls.