Gintama - Sakata Gintoki Player Model

Hello there! I’ve been trying at this for about 2 weeks (This is for GMOD) and have tried to rig this ported Sakata model with a skeleton but it has its own custom skeleton. I am very new to creating player models and would like to see if anyone can help me out. I will say that multiple bones are what keep him structured (the sword has a bone and if multiple custom bones are taken out of the face it will pretty much cave in) and do not recommend deleting certain ones. I’ve only gotten as far as ‘Scrubbing the Animation’ and did not know what to do from there. All I am asking for is help here and I will post the download links below (another thing is that ‘aokana’ wants to be mentioned for porting this model:

Ported Model:
(you can edit what the playermodel has in PMD Editor, such as the swords which the .pmd file below doesn’t have the swords in there hands which looks better)

Update below image.

Thank you for reading this.

After a few months I have come back to this model and have rigged the bones perfectly (50+ bones including jiggle bones), I have created another playermodel but this one seems the most complex and would appreciate if someone could help out with weighting the model in 3ds Max. I believe I am still the only one who is still attempting to make this a playermodel/addon for Gmod

ALSO* Message me for the 3ds Max file and we can discuss what can happen next.

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