Gipsy danger

Gipsy danger for Gmod ragdoll.
Not for playermodel,NPC or SFM.
This model using a lot of heavy textures, so be careful when you spawn it.

**I didn’t upload this file at steamworkshop.
And currently doesn’t give any permissions to anyone about re-upload.
If you find at there,it is stolen ones.
**model/skin : coming from IGN contest model
*Arm,Wing and foot polymeshes are replaced with the model that coming from The Video Game.
*some textures are replaced with coming from HAWKEN’s. (Textures by adhesive games)

Blade model:I just hacked S_ource’s knife.(Textures/Teh Snake Model/UVs:S_ource)

>3 size(-movie scale -titanfall scale -human scale.)

Hell yeah.

Holy christ

Sweet Virgin Mary on a trampoline, this shit is gold…


All we need are Kaiju
you can get kaijus models from here.

I tried to port the knifehead,but got some lighting trouble and gave up to port it.
If anyone want to try this failure ragdoll,PM me.

Can’t wait to make Gipsy have sex with Kaijus.

Holy shit thank you

Sex pose.

Sweet fancy moses, thank you based No5.

this is smaller than my Emperor Titan step it up scrub

jk nice job, i hope someone talented puts it to good use

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actually, are you sure it’s big enough? i remember the thing being a bit larger, the head alone was the size of a small house

looks great in SFM thanks.

Awww yeah, awesome release!

…What can I say? You all took the words right out of my mouth. :v:

Awesome release! Hope to put this and possibly other Jaegers and/or Kaiju to good use when finals are over. :rock:

Edit: Curious, are the particles on the cannon bodygroped with the cannon, a particle separate from Gipsy Danger, or were they just edited in with Gimp or Photoshop?

I thought I compiled this model as 260ft[79m](If my calculation is correct.)

But in this cut, the size is more bigger than my GMOD model.

so I uploaded more large scale ones and here is link.

The cannon particle effect is merged with Arm Cannon as polymesh.
Cannot be separate.
Those textures are coming from hawken.

Thanks for lot of rating!

mother of god…

at long last

Fantastic job on this No5. Already been playing around with it, trying to make a walk cycle with an Improvised way of putting a IK on it for SFM use. I don’t understand the legit way of creating an IK at all… Tried it a few times, always left confused. It’s a rough/crude way of doing it, But i basically put a scout into the Gipsy Danger model, and put an IK rig on it. Then i parented all the scout limbs onto the gipsy danger limbs. After your done with that, just hide the Gipsy Skeleton, and the scout model. Use the scout skeleton to animate the Gipsy Model

Can’t wait to see a proper rig for this thing.
Old Video!

New video! Redid the entire thing.

The only problem is why rig can’t be applied properly its because the additional finger bones on the right hand, for the bodygroupped hand cannon. I guess I can actually fiddle around with a rig script by adding other fingerbones into the script as a external group for Gipsy and I will let you know if it works or not.