Gipsy Danger

what’s with the random green and purple spots?

the way the robot just fades into the ocean looks super odd

why are there so much (and so HUGE) splashes of water on the shoulders compared to the rest?

why are the arms motion blurred, as is the rain, and the splash effects aren’t? when you blur one moving object, especially heavily, you need to blur the rest of the moving things in the picture too

the rain doesn’t really follow the basic fundamentals of how light works. water is mostly transparent but reflects light and therefore, in a night scene, the rain drops should only be properly visible and bright like that in the helicopter (?) spotlight cone and the robot’s own light sources

you should distort and ripple the reflection of the chest reactor thingy

I think it’s nice but the amount of special effects distorts the image too much since i find it hard to notice what is going on with his hands exactly.

I know Joazzz’s points were all spot on, but still, that looks pretty good!