Giraffe smacking men in suits

Hotline Miami

I don’t know…

Blood’s a little crazy but I love the posing itself.

i dig the look but there should really be something going on towards the left side of the screen if you’re not going to crop it out. the composition is lacking tbh

Oh now you mention it, I wanted the rainbow trippy effect to bend together with the swing filling up the left side.

I seem to have not done that.

your gore effects always were so stylish

The posing of Jacket is incredibly awkward. He doesn’t look like he’s actually swinging for someone and instead looks like a ragdoll being flung towards his enemies.

It looks like he has Straw Berry Gusher juice coming out of his face.

Is fancy.

i can barely make out the posing of the giraffe and the guy on the left i mean right

Goddamn, Mosquito out of nowhere.

The blood looks a bit too much like raspberry jelly and the posing on Jacket is bizarre, unless you intended on having him do a pirouette.

Other wise, it’s nice.

Blood looks delicious, glad to see Mosquito back in the Screenshot business!

Giraffeman is actually jumping and kicking the guy in the back, trust me it’s a weird move to do but if someone can pull it off, it’s Jacket!