Girder - A Hybrid RTS

I’ve been wanting to make an RTS Game for a while now.

The general idea is that rather than having a safe, magical god’s eye view that enables you to quickly survey the map and respond to threats, you have to manage your army from the view of a drone that can be targeted and shot down. What makes it a Hybrid RTS is that, to turn the tide of a battle, you can directly possess a unit, giving you control and empowering its abilities.

I’ve always liked the idea of being able to participate in the battles you see going on in an RTS, but usually, in games that allow it, the end result is little more than a novelty. I think there’s potential in designing an RTS specifically around possessing units.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on some basic team-colorable assets, both to explore general visual styles and so when the time comes I have something to work with.

What’s particularly fun is that, with some setup in the animgraph, I can test basic unit movement in HL:A

I’ll update this periodically with more details as I finish the prototype assets.



I was waiting for this one, i have seen bits and bobs of this on discord but it looks cooler than i was thinking it would in this, real cool i love it.
but yeah i have had ideas for RTS type gamemode but not as cool as this stuff you been working on.
for sure one of the ones i wanted to see more of when you explained what you want a few days ago, also i like the amount of progress you made since then.
i would sure like to play it whenever it does come to sbox in the future.
(if the sbox is more open at that point and i can play and you need people to test hit me up, if not keep me updated)


Damn that’s cool, finally something good and original :smiley:

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Honestly sounds like a really interesting take on RTS!
Been a fan of the genre since I played AoE and WC3 when I was younger. Gonna keep a close eye on this project, keept it up Riddick! :eyes:


Give this person a key please.
Nice and unique work.

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While your idea isn’t bad, I think that part of the reason why this has never been a thing in RTS is because the power of micromanagement is way stronger than whatever you might get from controlling a single unit at a time. Of course you could micromanage individual units while you’re managing groups of units from a topdown view, but if SC2 gets insane APM levels just for topdown view stuff, imagine adding FPS to the mix. I’d be either jarring (camera going crazy) or the topdown micro would take a step back, depending on the game balance (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but RTS players love micro way too much). Not to mention that traditional RTS also have unit skills and even heroes in the case of WC3 which give them more depth than just attack or whatever. The only thing that would be different in your case would be the camera perspective, which would be enough anyway to not attract the traditional RTS crowd, but perhaps a new one?

I remember games like Savage: The Battle for Newerth or Savage Resurrection that were RTS FPS but players mostly controlled one unit and then there was a captain that directed everything from above, maybe that could inspire you further?

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Nice to see that you’ve got some assets and animations going in-engine. This sounds cool, looking forward to seeing how it develops!

This is looking amazing, good job so far. I hope to play this when I get the game :slight_smile:

looks good mate, the unique ideas are finally appearing

An RTS in S&Box hell yeah

Looks like you’ve already got a lot done too, and you don’t even have access


Looking forward to seeing this


Honestly, I can’t believe you don’t have a key yet. This looks fucking amazing and I can’t wait to see more, such an interesting and unique idea.

Amazing idea, good luck with it! I would love to see this come to fruition.

Looks really damn good, love the style you went with pairs really nice.

My goal to replace the usual micromanaging of groups with unit possession.

I’ve never been a fan of excessive micromanagement, I much prefer sending blobs or steady streams of units to duke it out and focusing more about large scale moves and general army composition. My ideal solution to micro is instead of having a bunch of tiny units dancing around enemy ranges, you’ll possess a buffed unit.

I’m not too worried about pulling a traditional RTS crowd, I think plenty of games have stuck pretty closely to the usual formula to keep them satisfied. That being said, smoothly meshing unit possession into the rest of the gameplay is definitely going to be tricky to nail down, but a little trial and error never hurt :grin:

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Definitely an interesting twist and one that reminds me of the Savage games as I previously mentioned, even if barely. Will be interesting too see how it all pans out! Good luck!

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I rly like that idea of adding something new to S&box. This HL:Alyx relialization look rly good. I want to see it in S&box in the future

dmn that shit bustin’

RTS? In Source 2? Damn B this is hype!

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Can you tell me about the song you used for the first clip?

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