Girl gone missing

Some more dramatic lighting really would’ve made the rape stand out.

Like the angle, but maybe more editing would be good for the pic.

Indeed but i am not a master on any phote editing programs, feel free to edit everyone : )

Here’s my edit, it’s not so good. But hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Wow loving that water tutorial aren’t you? Haha.

Yes. :holy:


Thats one fucking amazing picture!

Great bump there. Totally worth it.

Well, now that the thread is already bumped, a link to that water tutorial would be great.

Why are you guys freaking out so bad every time someone bumps a thread? He didn’t say LOL bump, he made a legit reply. You guys are making shittier replies than him, stop with the “nice bump” crap or you’re going to be banned.

realised the op didnt make the edit…silly me D:

Uberslug has never had a problem with it, nor Silverhammer. In fact, they banned for really old bumps.

Oh, and I don’t see how “awesome!” is “legitimate” comment worth a four month bump. He’s either an absolute idiot or he did it to bump his own thread to the front page in a blindingly obvious way. Not only that, but that “awesome!” comment was the first comment he has posted in as long as the thread has been alive! That’s not legitimate. That’s dumb.

oh wait…i thought the OP made the edit…i missreaded badly right there…