Girl likes donuts. (Personal skin test)

One of mine personal skins. I know it still looks like girl from The Grudge, but i made new version of it. :slight_smile: She has makeup and colorful skin.

I don’t think people will appreciate this being outside the thread

She looks really fucking pale.
Also, where’s her tongue?

Cat took it.

um you do know silver made it damn clear to keep it in the thread right?

Hmm, should mod delete this thread?

Should’ve based it off another model to be honest

This one is from nightmare house, right?

I think the mouth is creepy…

Wow well thats a creepy girl :smug:

Yes, so what? It’s personal skin anyway? I think so. O_O

I’m not here for insults, I’m just saying perhaps it would’ve looked better if you weren’t working on a model used for creepy ghost scenes.

Totally agree!

Boobs. :q:

Umm, maybe you’re right. I’m starting to make personal skin from another model.

Take a girl who is hawt!
This one looks like she want to eat my brain :smug: