Girl pyro in BLU base

Ohh, my first thread

I hope I got the scale right with zoey’s head

100% ingame editing

big boobs are sorta stupid but I couldn’t do anything about it

full room picture here


Very nice… But she’s blu D:!

Haven’t seen the femme pyro model in blue lately

hot pun intended

Nice! I was surprised to see her, but this combination actually turned out quite well.

she looks really really strange

Oddly it matches well, while maintainin some strangeness…

I think her face would have to be a little cartoony for it to look normal

just like Butthurters zoey skin

Big ass titties!

+10 points for big booty

Ooh yes…

Hmmm… Zoey must’ve gotten implants.

They’re actually attached to the torso, so I couldn’t deflate them without screwing up everything :frowning:

the model is very, very bad.

No, it’s an okay model.

It’s good, in a weird way.

The title sounds like a porno
Annnnd the head is a bit weird.

Other than that, good posing.

Thanks for the comments

I do agree the long neck makes it look strange, I didn’t want her face to clip in the collar

Got to blame the original author, it was either this or the one with a bikini

Yet pretty much everyone disagrees… And it should be obvious why. See picture of fat dude several posts above.