Girl Stands Over Boyfriend While Shadow Leans In(Paranormal Activity)

Creepy movie :eek:

-That shadow is actually a reference picture of me leaning over, I was too lazy of trying to do one in PS.

Sources shadow… /facepalm (Look at the girls shadow)


Nice work on the hair of the girl

Omg that movie was creepy. The parts that creeped me out were when she was dragged through the hall and the ending. Picture looks really cool, I like it.

Nice shadows.

Hair edit is quite good.

I thought so too, though I wanted to get a frontal shot in… The eyes were purple/black checkers so I was forced to do a side shot. I tried to make her hair look calm yet crazy looking.


The part that creep’d me out the most was probably more of the picture related where she stood there for near 2 hours or more staring at him. The part as well as to what you said.

What movie are you talking about?

Paranormal Activity.

Check it out, it’s a low budget film, but it’s actually pretty freaky.

The grain + the dark looks of the screenie, gives it a really creepy ambient to the picture.

Sounds cool, I’ll try to watch it sometime…

I tried to give off a movie…ish effect :x

I recommend it before going to sleep :sax:

was that movie any good?
nice pic too :smiley:

It dragged a little at the beginning, but it got a lot better about 15 mins in or so.

Like all movies.

It was well done for a low budget.

Woa. Really realistic/movie like editing you got thar!

Im hoping thats not sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:

Any more comments?

Yes it looks incredible.

That’s creepy :ohdear:

Good pose, great editing.

Thanks ;d

I was trying to get a creepy thing going on. XD