Girl walks through a destroyed city in the rain

This is a scene build on gm_flatgrass but I forgot to take a screen shot of everything from above and I’m to lazy to go back in game and get it. This was my first try at exchanging the ingame sky with an actual picture. I am happy with it but I am sure it could be improved on. Anyway, please rate and comment.

Nice grass and rain. I can see a lil jaggie on the smokestacks from where you merged the sky and the gmod pic. Other than that, It’s nice.

Nice build.


what girl model is that?

It is from TnB, just an auto download.

I had a dream like that once… 'cept I’m a guy, and I didn’t have a gun.

Super cool story bro. :stuck_out_tongue:

looks similar to fallout 3

it reminds me of fallout realy nice posing