Girl worth fighting for, Female Imperial trooper

couldn’t really think of a title,

I’m still trying to learn my way around photoshop so this was a bit of a test, let me know what you think


Some one should make a propaganda version of this. Good posing as well. I think Zoey Needs more face posing.


I agree with the faceposing, I just can’t seem to get it down with the l4d models, is there a trick to it? I’ve seen alot of people do greta faceposing with them, but with me they always look like they just fell off the short bus

Wait… There’s a woman on the battlefield?! LETS GET IN THERE!

oh yeah
she can see my righteous emperor’s member for sure

Not bad. The lighting isn’t very… deserty though.

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Looks pretty good. Could have thinned the body a bit to make it more feminine.

that is the thinned body haha and how did I know that song was gonna show up in here haha.