Girlish "Hands By Side" swep

I seen about 2 “Machinima Hands” and i prefer girly ones.So i was wondering if someone would make me a Girlish Skip-Walk swep

Is a rough idea of the walk…the run would be the same as always,excpet swinging her arms from left to right…Also,when you main click,could the player bend over a bit and giggle like so:

i know this might take AGES to make.When i say giggle,i mean a little sound effect of Rikku from FFX-2 giggling.^w^…Soo…Thanks in advance.Oh and dont be a dick and go “This is stupid” cos all my threads ahve tht,and its kinda annoying :slight_smile:

yeah this help movies more, but it will be nice to have a few different animation for different personalitys.

Thats what i mean,i’ts obring if its just a normal walk

You’ll want he modeling section, it’d require a new set of walking animations set up, which as far as I know, can’t be done with Lua. Sorry.


it would be cool
but still,as i don’t know a shit of lua,neither a shit of modeling
good luck